I started my love affair with edible art from an early age. 

Being a chaser of modern surreal art, tones, textures and romantic patterns I always dreamt of creating exquisite art. 

It was through the influence of my background studies in Chemistry and Fashion Design combined with my passion for delectable gourmet sweets, which (years later) provided an outlet to bring sublime cake designs governed by my creative vision in collaboration with my clients' desire and story to fruition.

As a designer, I’m inspired by the emotions of movements and texture. 

The uninhibited ability to see beauty in the unfinished lines, the aged corners and the imperfected surfaces. However, the key element in my design concept is your unique love story. 


I aim not to compete with mother nature, hence most of my floral sugar designs are abstract and not intended to be botanically correct. 


I believe in the poetry and romance of each creation with a whimsical and abstract touch. I’m fascinated by using mixed edible media, by pushing boundaries in the conventional use of sugar, in order to bring a new voice to this much elaborated art form.  


Sugar Alkymi’s oeuvres are designed to allure the indulger in the nostalgic history of art with romance, while amusing their palate to create sweet memories, one bite at a time… 


Sugar Alkymi is my Jewel and I welcome you to my magical world of sugar art and edible flower artistry.


Bon Appétit